Switchcraft 318 Mini AudioStix 1-channel Passive Laptop Direct Box

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Connect Your Laptop or MP3 to the PA

The Switchcraft #318 Mini AudioStix lets you connect the audio output of your laptop or MP3 player to a PA system. The 318 has an 1/8" stereo mini on one side and a mono XLR on the other, so you'll always have the right connections when it's time to give your presentation. You won't have to worry about hum and buzz caused by ground loops and RF interference, either, as the 318 has transformer isolation. You also get a handy volume control and a ground lift for killing the noise you sometimes encounter with consumer devices. Your presentations will ring out with crystal clear sound - making you look like the consummate professional you are!

Switchcraft #318 Mini AudioStix Features at a Glance:

  • 3.5mm (1/8" Mini) Stereo Input
  • Balanced, Mono, Mic-Level XLR Output
  • Volume Control
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • All Metal Housing
  • Transformer Isolation
  • Output Level: -23dB (Mic Level)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz (+/-3dB)
  • Made in Chicago, USA